2011 in review

Infograph-tastic – I liked this wordpress keep it up. Thanks to everybody who swung by last year – I’ll do it better tis year.


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

How To Run SWTOR On A Mac.

I spent the best part of the weekend trying to install SWTOR on my MacBook Pro (early 2011) why did it take me the best part of the weekend? You’ll find out in a bit, but it was in part to me not knowing what the hell I was doing and the scatters of info spread across the net to fix all the little problems I encountered along the way.

What you’ll need:

  1. A Mac (I’m running Lion – don’t know how similar this is on the other versions)
  2. Genuine copy of windows 7 (has to be 7 if you are using Lion… I think) on CD.
  3. Blank DVD or USB thumbtack
  4. Internet connection
  5. At least 40GB free HDD space
  6. The best part of an evening
  7. A SWTOR subscription

Read the rest here > http://www.thegamejar.com/2012/02/how-to-run-swtor-on-a-mac/

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A forgotten sonnet to an old girlfriend.

So I finally got around to adding my Gmail account to the mail thingy on my Mac. Much to my annoyance it lit up and started downloading every message I have ever sent or received in the history of ever! Then just when I thought it had finished it start downloading a stack of other stuff I never knew existed. I think they may have been notes I had on my iPhone as most of them were shopping lists. There were two that stood out though the first being one that simply read “sticky floor bollocks” and another which I wrote on the 15h of July 2010. A sonnet to an old girl friend.

On the 24th aug 2007 at 18 mins past one. Sue came into my life, she was beautiful.

I knew from that moment on I was in love. There was something about her subtle curves and the the way she lit up when I touched her. We would sit up ’till late talking to friends, she kept me company when I was lonely and she was always there when I needed her.

We saved the universe together more than once.

Today as I put her back in the box, I feel a slight guilt trading her in for a younger model with larger storage and built in wifi. I’m so sorry sue I hope you find a new home with somebody who will love you as much as I did.

They were Goodtimes :’) xxx

Justbiglee and the Quarter Life Crisis

Right, I’m 27 soon…

…I know I act much younger and look far older but if you aim for the middle of those two figures, 27 is the number you’ll wind up with. It would also appear I’ve chosen the age of 27 to have a (technically delayed) quarter life crisis.

What are you on about Lee?

Well I first read the term ‘quarter life crisis’ on the back of a book that my brother Adam gave my sister Lizy a few years ago, I didn’t read the book for whatever reason (probably due to the fact it wasn’t mostly pictures of Batman on the inside, or maybe I just didn’t like the cover). The term “quarter life crisis” must have subconsciously stuck with me though and I had forgotten all about it until recently when somebody asked me what had been up with me lately and in a rather “meh” tone of voice I told them of this theory of the quarter life crisis.

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Darksiders II Preview – The Game That Isn’t Getting Enough Attention

The first Darksiders didn’t get the attention it deserved from the general gaming public, which is a shame because its a fucking good game. Sadly Darksiders II seems to be going the same way. You’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that this is worth keeping an eye on.

Following up from what was one of my favourite games of last year, Darksiders II puts you in control of another of the Horseman of the Apocalypse, this time… Death. To bring anybody up to speed who hadn’t played the first game, you played as War, one of the Four Horseman who was summoned to earth to stop a battle that had broken out between the angels and the demons. The game’s mythology treats the Horsemen as enforcers of a treaty between Heaven and Hell who were to be summoned when the seventh seal was broken. Somebody is playing games though, and War is somehow summoned to Earth during a battle between Heaven and Hell, without the aid of his brothers and without the seventh seal ever being broken. War is basically fitted up for starting the fight and sentenced to death, but is given one last chance to find the one responsible for summoning him and restore the balance.

Darksiders II further builds on that story and the mythology of the first game by telling parts of the same story from a completely different perspective. It takes place in parallel to the story of the first game, as Death is trying to find out what has happened to his brother War and why he was wrongly accused of instigating the apocalypse. Death plays very differently to how War did in the first title; War was very much the warrior while Death is kind of the rogue of the group; he’s much faster, more agile and will dodge incoming enemies attacks rather than blocking them. Death also has far greater customisability, allowing you to focus how you want to upgrade your skills and traits so that you can play the game your way and increase your skills with, say, heavy weapons if you want to.  While it’s not full-on hardcore RPG type stuff, it does add that extra little layer of depth that I’m sure most will love. This new customisability extends itself further and you’ll be able to purchase new armour from vendors in towns, or equip pieces you may find on your travels, so while War in the first game was very much War all the way through, Darksiders developers say that its possible for you to have a completely different Death from any of your friends after just an hour of play.

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The Early Years: Seymour the Dragon

I’d asked Mum to dig out some old photos for something I’m working on which resulted in “the box” being opened, inside it was a treasure trove or crap from mine, Adam’s and Lizy’s Past. It’s not the only box either, others are at “the lock up” which I’ve never been to but can only imagine its like that warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark except full of old toys and school reports. Some of them made me laugh my ass off (especially my homework about the time I went on holiday to Wales) so I figured they deserved to be preserved digitally and shared with the world.

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The Time Me and Ben Snuck Back In The Room For A Go On Ridge Racer Unbounded

When we was in Germany for gamescom we managed to wangle a look at Ridge Racer Unbounded now I’ll be honest I probably felt the same as you initially when I heard that there was a new on on the way and “meh” pretty much summed it up. Then I saw this trailer and was sold. Now I’ve actually played the bloody thing I’ll be disc twitching till its out. I hate saying things like this but it could be the game Burnout Paradise fans have been looking for.

Some games have been around since what seems like the dawn of time, they have legions of fans and rarely change because… well they don’t need to. They have been around since the dawn of time and have legions of fans because they are widely considered to be ‘good games’. Eventually though, they are outdone by their competitors and they need to pull something drastic out of the bag and go for the reboot, they need that ‘Batman Begins’ moment if you will. Ridge Racer is the latest member of that club and, while the developers aren’t marketing it as a reboot, they quite easily could do.

A fresh tank of gas is just what the Ridge Racer series needs and that’s exactly what the guys and girls of Bugbear Entertainment and Namco have given it. Don’t start fanboy screaming just yet though, as everything you love about the Ridge Racer series still remains: the cars still have that Ridge Racer look to them and the sense of speed is still there, as is the ability to pull off those ridiculously long drifts around the game’s sweeping corners. The drifting, as you’d expect, helps to build your boost bar which can be spent on that extra bit of speed or, if you can save yourself, you’re able to blow your load on set sections of the tracks and do things like smash through thick concrete walls, creating shortcuts and altering the layout of the track for the next lap and the racers behind you. It’s not just these set piece sections that are destructible though; it’s possible to turn a fair bit of the track to rubble all in the name of building up your boost – as a loose rule if it has yellow and black stripy bits on it you’re going to wind up in tiny pieces scattered across the road, but anything else seems to be fair game for a good smashing.

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The Resistance 3 Interview with Jon Pacquette I Did.

-For some dumb ass reason at every press presentation I’ve ever been to they guy from the studio will ask “has anybody got any questions?” and nobody ever does! What the fuck – fucking pretend “journalists” granted I wouldn’t go as far as to call my self a journalist but if some guy has just asked me if I want to know more the answer is “yeah I do” and if all else fails rather than sit there in awkwardness I’ll just chat shit about games. So here is the time such an instance occurred after being shown Resistance 3.

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Everything That Is Wrong With My Internet

I got annoyed with the internet and everything that is wrong with it last night and I’m in a place where I can’t really do anything this morning so I figured I’d share the list with you. Continue reading

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GamingLives Podcast Episode 2

It’s the tough second album for the gaminglives podcast – think we did pretty well.

As usual a massive thanks to the thousands that downloaded it and the first episode – dunno why I’m saying thanks here about 2 of you probably picked it up from my blog – big thanks anyway.

lol – to think me and Adam said we’d be happy with 500 listeners by the 6 month episode too – how wrong we’re we?

❤ Lee

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