top 3 lied about gaming moments

big lees top 3 lied about gaming moments, i reverse order

3) portal – many people mention the cake being a lie, the people which normally rattle on about it are the same crowd than seen somebody else do half a level. it irritates the fuck out of me
they didnt spend nearly half an hour trying to find away of taking the aperture science weighted companion cube with them, they didnt feel the pain of actually dropping it into the fire, they didnt call gladOS a bitch after her comment just after they did it, they didnt retry the level because there must of been away around it. and they dont know what the line
“maybe Black Mesa…

all they know is that the cake is a lie. when somebody mentions it in public next ask them to explain and laugh at them as they stutter through their explanation.

2) “yeah i found all the collectibles on gears 2 myself” – did you bollocks – no body will think any less of you for peeking at gamefaqs ones in a while. lemmie guess you found all the birds on gta4 yourself too? oh and the orbs on crackdown wow you must be a gaming god. dont lie about cheating!

1) “nah man ps3 is way better than the xbox, ive always been PlayStation since the PlayStation 1.” this isnt a lie as such but it is a bad case of denial and the person speaking it knows this you can see it in their face as they are saying it.
like most of us they had a PlayStation 1 because it was brilliant for its time, they bought ps2 because they loved the ps1 and all the great games it brought us, tomb raider, tekken, metal gear, final fantasy 7 and so on they also brought a ps2 because how could you resist that blue LED? you couldn’t it was impossible. then for years we all probably was a sony fanboy. you would dismiss the xbox as being a “naff PC” and the game cube as having rubbish games with out ever seeing one let alone playing it.
then one day something caught your eye and you realised that great games wernt exclusive to sony. for me it was halo that turned me onto other consoles but it would of happened to all of us at different times.
this is the point where you became a gamer and not a fanboy. the fanboys stayed with sony and have been fibbing to themselfs ever since.


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