Sorry mr chipboard man

I was walking through homebase carpark wearing my scruffs & covered in paint a man carrying a large bit of chipboard stops me and asks if I’m a builder “yeah” I say
(why did I say that???)
“how to I fix these to here and hide this” (he shows me some weird tiny little hinge thing)
“just use a stanley cut that bit out and screw it in”
“which way do I screw it on?” he replys
“that way on this side you got some small screws”
“yes I have thanks alot for your help”
“no problem mate”

I’m sorry mr chipboard man I’m not a builder I couldn’t hang a picture but it don’t take a tradesman to know that that little bracket wasnt going to hold that big bit of chipboard and small screws deffintly won’t help.


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