2009’s TV and Movie awesomeness

in compliance with the 2010 new years resolution act section 1, im going to blog more. Starting with a list of lists of all things awesome in 2009. blokes love lists of things its proven fact, doesnt matter what the list it could be Channel 4’s top 40 ladies hygiene products and providing we had watched it long enough to see at least to entry’s, we have to see it through to the end. no matter how shit the list, but as i have suggested above this is a list of awesomeness. Some of which may upset Vic

The Best films I seen this year

it wasnt the best year for good films in the cinema it was mostly just over hyped arse but there was 3 I enjoyed.

3. Watchman
I wasnt too sure about it when i seen it at the cinema, i felt it was just a bit of a fanboy flick and a little boring but after watching it a 2nd time on bluray i was sold.

2.Sherlock holmes
one of the last films of the year, I don’t think they did a particularly good job marketing it to be honest. I was expecting something like snatch but set in the 1900’s instead it was more of a proper adventure film like the goonies (yes i know a bold claim but seriously it’s that good)

1. Star trek
I was more scared of seeing this than any other film this year, was JJ the man to finally hit reboot? thank god he was, there wasnt a geek in the world that didn’t find Spock primes epilogue a little emotional.

notable mentions of pure arse go to Avatar for best Fern Gully remake of 2009 and the award for pissing on one of your favorites characters back story goes to Xmen Origins: Wolverine.

Best TV series I seen this year

5.Top Gear
a steady constant in my TV world one of many highlights from this year has to be Jeremy’s VW advert

4.Ross Kemp: Return to Afghanistan
love him or hate him hes got balls for doing what he does, and this series of kemp that was on early this year was brilliant

3. House
yes i know house has been around for ages but i’d not watched it. if you’ve not seen it, it’s mostly about a real arsehole of a bloke who happens to be a really good Dr – well i dont know if hes a good Dr in the real world but he is in the world of house. I’m sure Dr’s shout at the TV every week about how wrong he probably is. but I’m i’m not a Dr so i dont care.

2. The Big Bang theory
again another i never bothered watching because i though it looked crap but thanks to nothing being on and Virgin’s hardly ever mentioned on demand service. I didnt miss out, a bold claim but its one of the funniest TV programmes since friends.

1. The West Wing
I had a brief run in with the west wing a few years ago but never really watched it. It is quite possibly the greatist TV show off all time

other shows of note from this year are Charlie Brookers Gameswipe which Charlie gave us his unique brand of honesty and wit aimed at the games industry and hopefully will have educated some of the more stupid people that belive grand theft auto is the root of all evil.

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One thought on “2009’s TV and Movie awesomeness

  1. Verflucht says:

    Avatar is not as good a film as Watchmen in your eyes? That wounds me. Honestly. Continue with the blogs. I want to read your thoughts on The Wire.

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