Gaming Lives: Unsolicited Insults

Mace Windu wishes he was this cool

my good friend vic as made his first post with a cool looking site called gaming lives I’ll give you the first bit you’ll need to hit the link to read the rest. The man makes some good points you should listen to him

The more things change, the more they stay the same. When your spare time has involved playing with joysticks for as long as I have, you will have come across unsolicited insults for your hobby at least a few times in your lifetime.

Other kids, parents, teachers and sometimes even partners have had a few digs at this blogger for spending time, perfecting his universe-saving techniques. (I know that my skills will be used to save the universe when Planet Earth gets invaded). But the thing that makes me angry is the new trend of getting insults from fellow gamers. Online. It’s naivety on my part to project certain characteristics on people that share my hobby. That they like the Big Bang Theory. Hate Eastenders. Have bookmarked CNET in their Firefox 3.5.7 browser. Or even IE6, at a push. And that they would respect gaming accomplishments. Considering how prevalent these types of messages are, I feel a little naïve at being surprised that this trend exists.

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One thought on “Gaming Lives: Unsolicited Insults

  1. Verflucht says:

    I love it. Lee has pimped me out. Awesome. Thanks for the link love.

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