Gaming Lives: Tweet Nothings

Look at me writing for a posh website, seriously its dead posh go have a look. but first heres the start of my first article for

Twitter’s great, seriously it is. Chances are you’re probably reading this as a result of following a link on twitter, and if you think “that was pretty good” you might post something on twitter to tell others. Although you’re kind of going to have to now or my whole point will have been for nothing. It’s changed a lot of things – how big news stories break, how new movies fare at the cinema during the opening weekend, how businesses both small and large interact with customers. There’s one thing that it’s really changed that nobody ever talks about – gaming. It’s now a main part of gaming culture and, until I sat down to try and think of something to write about for this post, I hadn’t even realised it myself.

I’ll throw up a few examples for you. Since I started this my good friend Dizz has rented a copy of Bayonetta, lordmuttley started playing Fable 2 and me and Dave (the only one of the above I have ever actually met – I say met, we work together) are discussing a problem he has and not for the first time.

you can go read the end now over at Gaminglives

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