Old School Gamer: Review – Darwinia+

After a string of highly successful PC hits, Introversion Software takes their first step into the world of console gaming with Darwinia+ for XBLA. Darwinia+ is a combination of two separate revamped PC games, Darwinia & Multiwinia, offering a fully fledged single player experience as well as a challenging multiplayer one.

Set in the virtual world of Darwinia, you’re tasked with saving its AI inhabitants from a deadly computer virus that threatens to wipe them out completely. You’re not alone in this task however, aided by Darwinia’s creator “Dr Sepulveda” you’ll work together as you try to restore order to Darwinia, and save his life’s work.

…right now thats all your getting from here. go read the rest over on oldschoolgamer.co.uk

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