Stream Stuff to your xbox or ps3

you know this annoying advert?

well I bet you didn’t know you might already have the kit to do it with anyway?
So if you want to stream music or video through your AV system here’s how.

all you need is a computer, a router, an xbox or ps3. or any thing with this logo on it

which can be a telly or blu ray player
oh and you’ll need a telly
now I don’t mean to patronise any of you but i’m gonna treat you as if you are dads and on behalf of all sons I know its important i explain it as easy as possible  😆 I’ll cover the basics for an xbox or ps3 but if you are using something other than one of those the set up should be the same.
first off here’s how your network of stuff should look.

So your computer is connected to your router/bt home hub/whatever it is you have either via a wire or using wireless (wired does work a bit better). which is in turn connected to your xbox or ps3 and those are hooked up to your telly.
Hopefully you’ve got all your videos in the “my videos” folder on your pc if not find the folder with them in.

  • now switch your xbox or ps3 on and get back over to your PC.
  • open windows media player
  • click the little arrow under “library”
  • and pick media sharing…

now depending on your version of windows you’ll get a box that looks a bit like this

  • tick the “share my media” box
  • click “ok”

this this box will appear

  • click on the xbox or ps3 icon
  • then click allow
    (you can pick what media you want to share by clicking settings)
  • when your done click apply and then ok

*you might get a warning from your firewall or virus scanner at this point just press ok.

now by default windows media player will put all your stuff from the “my music” and “my videos” folders in here so keep your music and videos in the right place.
Xbox instructions

  • now get back over to your xbox
  • pick the “Video Library” option found on the “my Xbox” screen

select your PC from this list

now if you have kept your videos or music organised they will all show in nice folders. just pick the folder you want

then it will show all the files which will be either the songs or the videos themselves.

click it and press play

and bam said the lady

PS3 instructions
pretty self explanatory
select the media type you want to play from the XMB

Click your pc
select the file you want to play

Job Done
now if you don’t have a xbox or PS3 you can do it through some TV’s and Blu ray players
if it’s Sony kit you have the menus on most of the kit that can do it uses the same menus as the ps3 so follow those instructions as for any other gear it should be fairly straight forward.

keeping your media on a NAS drive is a good idea if you have alot of it. It wont eat up your HDD space on your main rig for a start and it means you dont need your PC/laptop on to actually stream the media. Very little messing about with NAS drives most have shared folders already set up so just dump your files in the right place and the xbox or ps3 will pick it up automaticly.

when I get around to it i’ll do another guide on getting BBC iplayer on your xbox 360

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