Gaming Lives: Microsoft Dumped Me

It's like the set of the Graham Norton Show

Just a short run down on my thoughts of last nights Microsoft Keynote from E3.

So what happened?

Microsoft opened the show with the new Call of Duty Black Ops trailer and an on stage demo. Now I understand why they opened with it – it is, after all, the biggest selling game franchise (or any franchise) of recent years but it could have been done better, with fireworks and stuff! After the trailer, a guy from Treyarch walks out and shows us footage of him crouching through a tunnel. Then “in the interests of time…” he throws a few grenades at a few blokes stood near a chopper and nicks off with it. Well I say nicks off with it, it was an on rails shooter section and, well, I’ve seen plenty of those. For COD fan boys it may have been big news but nothing that impressed me.



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