Gaming Lives: Another Glorious Day in the Core

O'rly? well I never thought of playing that.

Something unprecedented is happening. Not happened, but happening. The Fanboys are forming a coalition, a new form of government (I’m not going to pretend I understand politics so I won’t make a fool of myself trying to come up with a snappy topical joke based on the UK government). We don’t seem to be fighting as much as we used to, it’s more like “I say, is Uncharted 2 as good as they say old chap?”… “Why yes it is, very very good story and direction with some simply spiffing cinematography. What do you know about Halo Reach? That game looks like it could be wonderful”. That’s wrong, we never used to talk like that. What happened to the days of chanting “Where’s your dualshock gone? Where’s your dualshock gone?” or “Installed any good updates lately?” and let us not forget the Sony fanboys favourite “huhuhuh how many Xboxes you had now?”. The Battles of old are becoming nothing more than war stories, tales of wit and one-upmanship. We are now united against a common enemy and we have a new name: “The Core.”

Now to first be a member of “The Core” you need to have been a fanboy. After that, there are a number of ways to get into “The Core”.

  • You need to know what “The Core” is.
  • You need to have been to a midnight launch for a game or console.
  • You need to get excited by E3.
  • When you have had only £40 left and no food, you spent it on a game.
  • You buy the special expensive limited editions.
  • You look at the same gaming sites more that once a day just to see what’s new.
  • You know the words to at least one cut scene from three different games.
  • You need to know why the cake is a lie and not just overheard a member of “The Core” mention it.



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