Gaming Lives: FAQ Me!

First posted on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 @

funny you should mention that its out this week

I’m sorry, that title was a lie – these aren’t FAQs they are just Qs. Qs that you guys asked me recently on our Formspring page, so I’ve picked some of the best and decided to answer them here, a little like SentUAMessage from Xbox Live except none of the questions involve Call Of Duty or whatever conveniently happens to be this week’s Xbox Live Arcade release. Big thanks to everybody who sent them in (even the bolt question), it was actually quite fun to answer them; they are all good questions and, for me, one of the best things about games is talking about games intelligently with other gamers; the proper gamers – not the 12 year old kids with gamertags like “xxx BeA5T K1LLER xxx” that send messages to Pointyhead, and the other one, that go “wenz teh next cod out coz i wanna be playin it innit”.

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