Gaming Lives: Total Cluster FAQ

My previous FAQ Me! article went down quite well with our readers and I’m glad so many of you enjoyed it so, back by popular demand, here it is. To give you a different opinion, other than just mine, I’ve asked a few of my fellow writers to join me in what turned out to be a total cluster FAQ!







If you’d like more info on any of the other writers just click their picture but I’m sure you all know how this works so with out any messing about…let’s just jump in.

Which one feature do you think is missing from Xbox Live and the Playstation online services?

Well, first off (and I’m not trying to start another fanboy war) but PSN still needs to catch up and become a bit more social. I think Xbox Live could do with becoming a little more social too. I can’t put my finger on why but I seem to have become really frustrated with my friends list on the Xbox lately. It just keeps doing stupid things, I mean, is it me or does the ‘X’ button have a mind of its own? Sometimes it’ll send the invite you want to send, sometimes it opens up a party chat to them which, when you’re mid game in a frantic multiplayer round on Left 4 Dead or Red Dead Redemption, is annoying because then you need to spend ages pissing about bringing the guide back up, going into party chat and then closing it. I know what you’re thinking: “Wah, big deal” but do it yourself, it takes ages, and when all you want to do is shoot Ben, it’s annoying.

Ben had mentioned something in his E3 article this year that he’d like to see and so would I: cloud storage for your gamertag and save games. Basically, you could go to your mate’s, sign into Xbox Live or the PSN, and you’d have access to your gamertag, your online rank and campaign data for Halo Reach or your position in Fable III. You do, in a way, have a kind of access to some of this, depending on the game, but only if you want to mess about recovering your profile and your online rank. Spartan is technically stored on Bungie’s servers but, as a whole, I’d like to see the feature fully fleshed out so that it’s as easy as signing into your Hotmail and something that’s part of the console, rather than a feature of a game.

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