Gaming Lives: Guy Gamers

OMG a guy gamer! Look, copies of games™. It must be true.

Hi my name’s Lee. I’m a guy… and I play games.
Now before you go all crazy sharing links to this on twitter and Facebook thinking “OMG I’ve found a guy gamer”, believe it or not I’m not the only one. There are loads of us, yeah that’s right – boys, and even full grown men, who do nothing but play computer games in their spare time. Not just Mafia Wars either, I’m talking full blown buy in a shop triple A games like Gears of War, Halo and Red Dead Redemption; I’ve even ventured into the one game that girl gamers treasure amongst all others. That’s right I’ve even played Final Fantasy! I know what you’re thinking “Oh man WTF! This guy’s messed up, he should be watching football on the TV, walking the dog or be down the pub getting into a fight”, well I’m not one of those guys and I’m here to make a stand for all the guys like me. Games aren’t just for you girls you know, there is a growing community of us guys that like to play games but we can’t; we feel pushed out by you “girl gamers” with all your pink and pictures of cats and… and… your Final Fantasy crap, there I said it. Argh no, don’t hit me.

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One thought on “Gaming Lives: Guy Gamers

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