Gaming Lives: NFS Hot Pursuit – A day at the races

Wednesday 27th October… and it’s 8 am…

That’s early for me, really early. I don’t get out of bed for my real job that early, yet today I don’t mind so much because I’m heading to Chobham test track in Surrey for a Need for Speed Hot Pursuit event. Turns out I could have had a lie in as I got there about an hour early and Dan from EA was kind enough to let me in while they were still setting up. He pointed me in the direction of a much needed cup of tea and gave me a more in-depth run down of the day, and it turned out that I’m going to get the chance to interview Senior Vice President of EA Games Europe, Patrick Söderlund, and my first thought was “Oh crap this guy’s like a big deal and all of my questions are geared towards Criterion”, so I knew I’d have to think on my feet. A few other people arrived and Dan from EA introduced me to Tim from Sarcastic Gamer UK and Phillipe from Game Rant and we sat and chatted about games in general for a while – a conversation where I nearly ruined the end of Enslaved for the two of them.


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