Gaming Lives: Merry FAQin Christmas

by Lee

Can’t believe it’s FAQing Christmas again. Lol, you get it? You have to say it “fack-ing” funny isn’t it? You know what, never mind. Anyway I’m sure you all know how it facking works (sorry I’ll stop): you guys were kind enough to send us your burning questions via our Facebook, Twitter and Formspring so it only seemed right that we answer them in a (mostly) sensible fashion. So, a warm welcome to: Mark, Lorna, Rook, Adam, Ben, Samuel, Richie, Ed and Mark S. Oh and Kat. If you’d like anymore info on any of the writers or to take a look at their previous articles just click on the “Writers” tab in the top menu. No wait, dont go now, you can have a look later.

On behalf of everybody here at GamingLives we would like to thank you for visiting us this past year, we’ve got a load of awesome stuff planned for 2011, so keep coming back. For now though we’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a game filled New Year.

Are there any particular games you go back to at this time of year because they are in some way festive?

No, because I tend to NOT play games over christmas… usually we’ve got a load of people staying and it makes it difficult to get any gaming done because you end up being ignorant while people sit on the sofa watching you game as they pick their toe nails. This year, however, there are no visitors… so I’m hoping to get through as much gaming as possible. I’m hoping to complete Two Worlds 2 and Fallout: New Vegas so I can get started on Arcania… which will likely take me months to complete!

There’s nothing that I can say I go back to as such, it’s rare that I ever go back to a game that hasn’t had DLC for it, which is a shame really. There’s too much out around Christmas for me to go back to; that said I’ve got a craving to go back to Mass Effect 2 to finish the DLC off but the Lair of the Shadow Broker isn’t what I’d call festive. I can’t actually think of many Christmassy type games – there may be a gap in the market there, why not? There are Christmassy films, Christmas music, Christmas books, even Christmas chocolate so why not have Christmas games? I always thought it would be cool to have stupid things like Santa hats or reindeer antlers for your Spartan in Halo Reach over Christmas (oh I always play Halo on Christmas day, after present opening but before lunch) but the only game I can think of that does anything close to that, and acknowledges the winter period that we have back here in the boring arse real world, is World of Warcraft. Nintendo games make me feel Christmassy but I think that might be more because they take me back to my childhood, games like Lylat wars, Zelda, Super Mario. You know that kind of thing… oh man, I wish the 3DS was out this Christmas. While I’ve been rattling though I have just thought of the most Christmassy game I can think of and it’s the same as the greatest Christmas movie ever made. Die Hard and Die Harder that where part of Die Hard Trilogy on the PlayStation 1. But I can’t go back to it because I don’t have a PlayStation any more.


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