It’s Like We Live in The Future or Something

See that. That white thing is 3D  TV for your face and proof that we really do live in the future.

We’ve lived in the future for ages though, ok so there’s no flying cars but that’s just because people like me would be flying into Blue Water shopping centres ventilation system pretending it was the death star before eventually getting stuck and having to be cut out with diggers and men in high-viz jackets – You have my word that is the only reason cars can’t fly and never will.

Other things I submit as evidence to us living in the future are;

  • iPads.

Even the version of the iPad they have in Star Trek isn’t as good as the one we have now. look,

see the screens smaller and there’s no angry birds on it. Just a shit game where you have to zoom in on sections of a steering wheels CAD drawings.

  • Replicators – no not the stupid lego brick spiders from Stargate, I’m talking about machines that give you every possible flavour of coke ever invented

If only they did one that does pies

  • ondemand

iPlayer, Lastfm, Zune marketplace, Onlive, boobie videos and takeaway food. Pretty everything in the history of everything ever is on demand when ever you want it, it’s like having a butler but without the suit and sarcasm.

  • Inception

They rolled up a city – defiantly couldn’t of done that 10 years ago

See I told you we live in the future and if you still don’t belive me go rent a video


2 thoughts on “It’s Like We Live in The Future or Something

  1. MarkuzR says:

    Dood… your “;” is the wrong one 😀

    You’re a funny guy, and also I stopped living in the future 80 years ago because it was shit, so now I’m living in the past… or your “present” as you call it. Mainly because I want to see everyone’s reaction first hand when Kerry Katona is crowned queen.

  2. xLibitinax says:

    Bluewater massive in da house!

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