The greatest magic trick I ever seen

There was some bollocks on itv tonight, a magic show where contestants had to fool Pen & Teller. It was dumb for many reasons but also brilliant because there was a stack guys trying to impress them with fancy elaborate tricks and props when an ex copper fooled them with a hundred quid and five envelopes. Think of something that might of been in phoenix nights and you’re there.

That wasn’t the most amazing thing about the show though. Some guy did a card trick which was impressive to me but at the same time this is Pen & Teller that they have to fool, they we’re gonna know how it’s done. While explaining to the guy how he did the trick Pen (or whoever the big chap is) used the term “ring in a cooler” as a way of letting the guy know that he knew but without letting us know. Wondering what it ment off I trot to the fountain of knowledge that is google to be greeted by one of the most impressive things I have have seen (in the last few hours)

That’s right, the single search result.

Dun dun derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


One thought on “The greatest magic trick I ever seen

  1. xlibitinax says:

    You ruined the trick by mentioning the trick cos now your blog is a search result 😥 Thankfully a similar effect can be found with “blue hairy lemon”.

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