The Eternal Star Wars Loop of Star Wars

The eternal Star Wars loop of Star Wars is a loop of errmmm Star Wars, that goes on forever.

Once your in it your fucked the only way out is to watch all of the above things within the space of two days if you don’t these are the only things you will be watching ever!

There are a number of ways to get stuck in the loop:

  • Decide to watch any of the above films, which will lead you on to watching the next one. Just follow the arrows around if you get stuck.
  • See even the tiny-est bit of episode I, II or III. They are shit and we all know it but if you’re channel flicking and land on one you’re boned. Seeing jar jar binks will fill you with rage and the only way to calm down is by watching the first films.
  • Watching Spaced. Geek TV at its best, it might not put you quite in the mood for the holy trilogy but it will make you want to watch something else geeky and Star Wars heavy like Fanboys or Clerks 2.
  • Play a Star Wars video game, most are shit (with the exception of the Lego ones) the shit ones will make you want to watch the films for the same reason the Heresy Trilogy will. The Lego versions will make you want to jump into the loop for the opposite reasons.
  • Firefly, absolutely perfect in every way and completely deserving of its own loop. Malcolm Reynolds is the Han that shot first, there’s no denying that and it’s an easy transition from loop to loop (like a figure 8)

This blog post can also be cause to enter the loop… shit.
I’ll go watch Fanboys then.


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