Stuff i got bored of real quick: no1

think shit up was going to be the next big thing, i brought the domain, set it up on twitter and even a facebook page.

Here was the idea the pitch

(1) put a website on the internets with all of the shit we think of on it.

(2) post up all the pictures and text of the things we think of on the website

(3) put the website on twitter and facebook… because… well.. ya know

(4) give the website a funny and immature name

but then i realised i don’t have the time and got distracted by shiny things and it all went to shit. I still enjoy thinking shit up in my spare time, i’ve gotten pretty good at it. So i mostly work as a sub-contractor for gaminglives, which if you were paying attention earlier this week you know has lasted longer than a week.

i was this close to selling it to google for an undisclosed sum too 😦


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