Tales from the Wasteland: The Cowboy Robot

So I went back to Fallout this week. Hadn’t got very far into the game when I played it last year and I was a little put off it until a patch came out.

At the start of the game I met a friendly cowboy robot by the name of Victor who pointed me in the right direction as I left town which might as well of been called tutorialville . A fair walk out of town I got in a bit of a mess with a pack of geckos, I nearly died :O lucky for me Victor come rolling to the rescue and shot the shit out the little buggers, before dusting me off and sending me on my way to a town called Primm.

Bit of messing about in Primm trying to save the deputy sheriff (why the towns folk asked me I don’t know – I just had to be saved from a pack of geckos!) Lucky for me though I had some pre order DLC which gave me a grenade launcher. Deputy saved, job done and on my way out of town. As I leave I spot the friendly silhouette of the cowboy robot as the sun sets behind him in the distance.

On my way to Novac now, I hear they have a dinosaur there 😀

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2 thoughts on “Tales from the Wasteland: The Cowboy Robot

  1. MarkuzR says:

    That’s the last you ever see of Victor dood, except right at the end of the game when you burst into a room and there he is… perched in front of a telly, playing Arkham Asylum 😀

  2. FC360 says:

    I’ve just finished rescuing the deputy in Primm before I got two worlds which I am always playing when I have some spare time now. good games 🙂

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