Gaming Lives: My Mate Tommy

I’ve got this friend, he’s one of my best, and his name is Tommy. It’s not what the normal strags of the world would call a conventional relationship (no, we’re not Skype video chat swingers), but as a gamer yourself you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say that I’ve never physically met Tommy, yet we are really good mates. Flashback to 2006 and I’ve not long had my Xbox 360; for some strange reason I was replaying Burnout: Revenge despite having been infuriated trying to 100% it the year before on the old Xbox.  I figured it was time I gave online gaming a go and signed up to Xbox live; I got playing with a guy called Cliff and as we went from crash junction lobby to lobby, trying to find a stable game, we kept bumping into a girl called Tommy. I won’t lie, I had no interest in playing online with a girl – I felt like I had to let her win all the time but, luckily for me, Cliff was a bit of a sexpest and insisted we play with her. Eventually, after a night, it turned out that Tommy wasn’t a girl after all – it was just his missus playing on his profile. Not that there’s anything wrong with Laura (there’s nothing wrong with you Laura), it’s just that this is about Tommy and the dumb shit he does.

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