WoW: I ask some dumb questions.

Went back to Azeroth today after quite a while, now your average World of Warcraft player I’m sure will get a good laugh out of this and my n00bish ways but here are just a few of the stupid questions I have asked and things I’ve said today.

But to everybody else these are valid questions that need answering.

  • Where is this lunar festival lady the chick by the bank told me to find?
  • Why has everybody got a dragon?
  • When do I get an assault rifle?
  • How do I get more pets?
  • Can I get a helicopter?
  • Why are these horde guys killing me?
  • How come I can only make dynamite?
  • How come you can turn into a wolf?
  • What’s the auction house?
  • How do I teleport out of here?
  • Which way did ben go?
  • Recipe book?
  • Why are these horde guys still trying to kill me?
  • What’s this wood stuff for?
  • Where do I get those bag things from?
  • So do I click on the dice or the coin?
  • I called my dinosaur MarkuzR, he has gimpy arms.
  • Am I supposed to read what this guy is saying?
  • Where’s that guy with the bird things?
  • “where are you?”
    “in stormwind”
    “yes I know but where?”
    “err near the shop?”
  • What’s this teleportation rock do?
  • What am I supposed to do with all this stuff I pick up?
  • What’s a low level quest?
  • What’s a bind do?
  • Do you want any of this crap stuff I picked up?

Hit level 30 today, I think they call that a ding or something.
Thanks to my guild/club thing for answering my dumb arse questions.

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