Gaming Lives: Dead Space 2 Review

I hate spoilers in games reviews. Well, not spoilers as such; only an arse would put an actual spoiler in a review, but of the odd one or two that do they might flag it with a SPOILER WARNING in big bold text, which is the gaming equivalent of car crash at the side of the road. You know you shouldn’t look but you do anyway. So, to make it safe for you to read if you’re one of those people that doesn’t read reviews because something might get spoiled, you’ll be ok to read my Dead Space 2 review; it’s safe. I’m not even going to hint at things that might happen because you’re just going to put together the pieces before the twist. What I will do though is bring you up to speed with the overall story of Dead Space and mention the first fifteen or so minutes of the games story.

You play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer who was sent to help investigate and aid in getting the USG Ishimura up and running. The Ishimura is a type of ship known as a planet cracker and mankind is now in the business of ‘cracking’ planets because we ran out of resources on earth. “Why don’t we just drill on them?” you ask, well you wouldn’t eat a Cadbury’s Creme Egg with a straw would you? Turns out that everything went to shit on the Ishimura; a religious group known as unitologoists had excavated something known as the Black Marker (which they worship). This Black Marker is a manmade object of unknown origin and was found at the bottom of the Yucatan Peninsula on earth back in 2008, getting inside a person’s mind and driving them crazy as well as being able to alter the subject’s DNA. Isaac has to fight his way through the Ishimura to save his girlfriend and, of course, “the day”. I know it sounds a bit of a standard issue affair and my brief description of the first game hasn’t really done it any justice, but there are so many plots twists and hints at things that you as the player need to make your own mind up about that in even hinting at them I could spoil it for you.

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