Disc Twitching Sunday

Woke up at a reasonable hour after last weeks lie-in that made me pissed off because I’d missed the whole day so I figured why not get some gaming in, something I’ve not done to much of because I cant help but watch Mad Men every free moment I get.

Figured I’d start the day with some GT.TV in which big Reggie tries to defend the $40 price tag for Nintendo 3DS games and almost ends up panning angry birds (coming soon to the Nintendo 3DS). Sorry big Reggie but if EA can make games for the iOS like Dead Space and Mirrors edge for just seven quid to the end user you’ve not got much of a leg to stand on.

Also Steal Diver??? no thanks Reggie I’m not paying forty quid for a fucking tech demo that you couldn’t manage to sell last time around.

There was one good bit in the new GTTV though where they show they show how bollocks Call of Duty is with its representation of weapons.
You can watch that bit here http://www.gametrailers.com/video/mission-1-combat-facts/710237

GTTV over I decide to crack on with a monument to all my sins on Halo Reach… yeah that didn’t last long. That’s one achievement you really have to earn.

Stared at my games drawer for about half an hour before realising my copy of dragon age has gone wondering (I bet Adam’s nicked it), I know I’ll play Portal. That didn’t last long either Advanced test chamber 15 was still giving me a hard time so I knocked that off. Battlefield Vietnam next – I didn’t even make it to the menu system on that before I changed my mind. Change of pace, I’ll play some Forza. well I say I’ll play some Forza, I did the exact same thing I always do which is spend ages painting a car before driving it around the track taking photos and doing donuts.

After 3 hours of that I decide its time to have a race. 12 laps!! fuck that! I knew there was a reason I hadn’t played this in a while.

I’ll crack on with Fallout: New Vegas then it’s been a while since I’ve played that. Actually I need to do my blog post for the day, or maybe play Warcraft, or I could carry on with Dead Space, ohhhh Undead nightmare… nahhh, left 4… no don’t fancy zombies, Perfect Dark Zero? lol no, hmmmm Gears of War? yeah I could play Gears of War… actually no I can’t be arsed.

ah fuck it

ennie, meanie, miney, mo.

:/ no don’t wanna play that either

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