Things you should read about Bobby Kotick

I know the world hates him but he’s actually got a really interesting story behind him,

Have a read of this interview A Delightful Chat With the Most Hated Man in Video Games You’ll learn about how Howard Hughes is responsible for Activision’s existence in the world, his problem with EA and how he feels about his image. It actually makes you start to think differently about the guy. I’d watch a movie about it all no problem just for the part about how he came into the money and for the bit where Steve Jobs throws a paddy at him.

This Article in Forbes Activision’s Unlikely Hero gives you a complete history of his business decisions and details everything with from guitar hero to the merger with Blizzard back in 2007.

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3 thoughts on “Things you should read about Bobby Kotick

  1. MarkuzR says:

    I read that when it went up on Kotaku and was really quite intrigued by the whole Howard Hughes thing at the time. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the guy, it was a pretty fascinating story and I’m envious that he has something THAT awesome to be able to tell people.

    I have to add… I haven’t clicked on the link because I’m assuming it’s the interview he had in the cafe where he’d dressed down and wasn’t feeling well. It’s the only interview I know of where he doesn’t come across like a div.

  2. sonicalpha says:

    People seem to hate on this guy like crazy, but he’s not a patch on Billy Mitchell…

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