Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is with out question one of the most beautiful car based screensavers out there at the moment. The soundtrack is gentle and helps relax you as you stare over the hills into the sunset. At £43 it’s a bit on the steep side I know but as you progress through the screen saver you’ll unlock more new scenes and even different cars, your choice is limited though but hopefully Atari will provide us with some new DLC soon that unlocks new cars and locales. The controls are simple and all the player needs to do is press start – however I did find that using the LB button works just as well.


  • Looks pretty
  • Is a good way to protect your TV from the BBC HD screen ident.
  • soothing music


  • you cant drive or interact with the cars
  • no online mode
  • you don’t get to see much of Ibiza
  • no casinos
  • it could do with some cheesy dialogue
  • no F.R.I.M. System
  • you cant open any kind of car club
  • you cant change the scene to a different island from the last screen saver – test drive unlimited 1
  • you cant get plastic surgery
  • the dirty looking girl from the back of the box is no where to be scene
  • the pegi rating shows sex – I see no sex
  • no co-op screen saver action
  • the music is now annoying me


Not as good as other screen savers I have seen and at such a high price I would expect more. The promise of sex and bad language on the box left me disappointed too. Apparently Atari used to make games, you’d of fooled me, if you want something more from your screen savers let me recommend Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit or Marine Aquarium this is… well…


8 out of 10

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