I have been writing you just can’t see it yet.

Sorry blog fans another crap post from me at the last min.

I’ve been working all night on gaminglives stuff doing some youtube videos and writing my next article that will take the internet by storm, it might be a guy gamers beater. I don’t wanna over hype it though so I’ll play it down for now.

ermmmm what else happened today.

oh eds radio show was on – you should go listen to it here he’s getting better (also hello ed I know you read this) and even my sister passed comment along the lines of “ohhhh is eds thing on tonight? :D”

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I probably can’t afford to go somewhere really fucking awesome which sucks balls – getting bored of working for fuck all and I need to get some kind of scam running on something. But I wont emo out on you over it though, I’m cool.

My god there is some shit Steven Segal film on channel 5 right now. Half Past Dead. What bollocks, I’ll leave you with a trailer for it i’m off to watch an episode of mad men before bed.

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One thought on “I have been writing you just can’t see it yet.

  1. Sonic Alpha says:

    I remember that movie, Channel 5 seems to show it once every 3 months, lol.

    What happened to Seagal? He used to be fucking awesome, now he’s churning out crap on a regular basis. If it’s not a direct to DVD movie, it’s rubbish where he’s pretending he’s been a cop for years, or a new single from his band.

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