The Lost Week of Justbiglee


Last Tuesday was as bollock boring as most of my Tuesday’s until I went around mums for dinner. She asked me if I was going to the video game BAFTAS because she seen “that comedian bloke” (Dara Ó Briain) on the news talking about them.  She seem most disappointed that I didn’t have an invite which I found funny and decided to put on twitter. Kevin (man from a rather large games company, who is attending) rubbed in that he would be there much to my mothers annoyance and now has decided that Kevin is evil and such has been placed firmly in the “bad books”.

Few minutes later I get a text saying that I shall go to the ball – “oh shit I don’t wanna go the BAFTAS, I don’t own a suit!” was the only thought that ran through my head.

Luckily for me is was about a trip to PAX East which I’m hoping doesn’t require use of a suit. The rest of Tuesday was spent making the arrangements like flights, hotels etc so hence no post.


Wednesday was gaminglives gamenight, I normally try and get something ready by the time I start but it didn’t happen and I forgot, sorry.


Can’t remember what happened on Thursday, I might of been watching Mad Men


My mate Steve came up, he sat playing world of goo on my iPad all night, we watched big bang and I finished lair of the shadow broker (which is fucking awesome)


Was in London for the guardians gamesblog live event, got to see Dragon age, NFS Shift 2 and Crysis 2 and meet the developers. Was interesting to hear some of the thought process behind how games are made  from the men themselves rather than reading a watered down version on a blog. Was supposed to meet up with Debbie from the average gamer after but txt messages failed us and I was in Leicester square by the time it’d got through.

was cool to meet up with the other gaminglives writers again, and Ben managed to not die on me even though he sounded like he was about to.

Then when I made it home I joined in with 7bitarcades dead Space playthrough thing, which was good fun, and worked a lot better than how I thought it was going to, well done to 7bitadam for setting it up.


Overslept and had to get up the shops for presents for mums fake birthday, had dinner, had a sleep, played the lair of the shadow broker on hard (my mass effect 2 save is now maxed) and watched the last few episodes of Mad Men.


I’m in the guardian today with a stupid sounding quote

“Dragon Age II I’m quite curious about, because it’s much more like a console game. The first one was very good, but it wasn’t really like a console game. So it was good to see how they have fixed a lot of those things. With the combos, it reminds me a lot of something like Fable now – it’s not about going through a lot of menus.”

Which I’m pretty sure I’ve been miss quoted on although I do say dumb shit from time to time which sonicalpha then paraphrased into

“It’s a console game, that’s going to be like a console game. Because the last console game wasn’t. Quality from @justbiglee”

when you put it like that I do sound pretty dumb.


Well that’s today and I decided to get back filling in my crappy little wordpress blog before I venture back into Azeroth tonight after reading Bens review yesterday

See how boring it is when I actually talk about what I’ve been doing? Don’t worry I’ll get back to making stuff up tomorrow 😛

Oh wait on one last thing completely unrelated to my week…

Go and read the article over on Eurogamer called “The Boy Who Stole Half-Life 2” its brilliant!

Here’s the start

At 6am on 7th May 2004, Axel Gembe awoke in the small German town of Schönau im Schwarzwald to find his bed surrounded by police officers. Automatic weapons were pointing at his head and the words “Get out of bed. Do not touch the keyboard” were ringing in his ears.

Gembe knew why they were there. But, bleary-eyed, he asked anyway.

“You are being charged with hacking into Valve Corporation’s network, stealing the videogame Half-Life 2, leaking it onto the internet and causing damages in excess of $250 million,” came the reply. “Get dressed.”

Seven months earlier, on 2nd October 2003, Valve Corporation director Gabe Newell awoke in the large American city of Seattle to find the source code for the game his company had been working on for almost five years had leaked onto the internet.

The rest of it is here

Thanks for coming blogfans



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