Gaming Lives: Gears Of War 3 Preview

The Gears of War stand at PAX East doesn’t seem much to look at, it’s effectively just a big curved poster with Xbox stations either side. Sure, it would have been cool to have a twenty foot high statue of Marcus repeatedly beating a downed Locust with its own arm, but it’s the game that matters here.

First thing I noticed even from the queue is just how much better Gears of War 3 looks which, to be fair, it didn’t actually need to be. If you pop the first Gears into your Xbox and play that even now, you wouldn’t think to complain about its graphics and, for a game that’s five years old now, there are few games that have aged quite as well… until you’ve seen Gears of War 3, that is.

I take a seat and vote on which map to play and, not unlike Halo Reach’s lobby system, you can now also change your character and load out at this point, with the new addition of being able to actually customise both your character and weapons. You’ll also be able to unlock new skins for both guns and characters as you progress through the game, which sounds like a dumb little thing, I know, but it’s cool to be able to play dress up.

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