Gaming Lives: Bastion – Preview and Interview

I know I’ve just been reposting a lot of stuff lately but before you go on to read or skip past this one I’d like to say thank you to everybody for their kind words on this, at the time of writing it I thought I was taking a bit of a gamble and it could easily come across as shit. lucky for me it didn’t and I feel like I really gave the guys at supergiant games the preview they deserved.

I can’t stress just how brilliant this game is and from a show floor filled with games like Gears 3, Portal 2, L.A. Noire to be my favourite of the show should explain just how much I loved it being the AAA whore that I am.

So give Bastion some attention, read my preview and check out the interview with Greg from supergiant games.

“Our hero sits down, fires up his laptop and begins to type. He wants to tell people about a story he heard… the story of Bastion.”

You know how every year there is an indie game that becomes available for download, a game that is a work of such absolute brilliance that everybody loves it?  I’m talking about the games like Castle Crashers, Braid, Limbo etc.  Well, this year I’m calling it early: this year it’s going to be a game called Bastion.  “Proper stories are supposed to start at the beginning, ain’t so simple with this one.”  Bastion starts with a voice, a narrator if you will and he’s telling us the start of a story.

His voice falls quiet as the camera settles on our hero, lying on the floor of a broken building which is floating in the sky; I pause for just a moment, waiting to see if anything on screen will prompt me to do something. It doesn’t so I press A.  “He gets up,” says the gravelly voice.  “He sets off for Bastion, where everyone agreed to go in case of trouble,” it continues, as I cross the threshold of the door and head up some stairs. The world starts building around me as I run “Ground forms up under his feet, as if pointing the way,” says the voice – I think it was at this point that I decided I was already in love with this game. As I progress, the narrator fills me in on what happened, and what is currently happening to the world around me as I go. “A calamity,” he calls it in a cool, deep voice that I can best describe as sounding something like a mix of Samuel L. Jackson when he’s at his coolest and Sam Eliot from The Big Lebowski.  He’s describing everything you do and see on screen in such an organic, almost jazz-like way that you become immersed in it to the point that you forget that you’re playing a game.

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