Gamestations Sinister Survey

So I had this email from gamestation today coz i’m one of those elite gamers innit. Here’s a copy

Dear Lee

As a key recruit to The Gamestation Elite we need your help. We’re exploring attitudes towards trade-in: why is it some people trade-in their old games or hardware and why is it some people just simply don’t? It’s a great opportunity for you to help us out and to improve the experience that we can provide to The Gamestation Elite.

If you could help us out with your thoughts in response to this questionnaire you will officially rule and as an added awesome bonus for helping us out, every respondent will be entered into a prize draw to win a 3DS!

For your chance to win fill out this survey!

All of your answers and details will be kept confidential in accordance with the MRS code of conduct.

Your views are important! We don’t call you the Elite for nothing, so spare us a few minutes of your time and help us plan our future for world domination.

The Gamestation Elite
Over and out!

Fine, might as well, not doing anything else right now and if I’m lucky there might be a notes box where I can call them a bunch of ass hats.

Question 1

ok so that wasn’t a question but 20 mins… man i’m bored but not that bored.

Question 2

hmmmmmmmmmm i’ll tick the journalist option

Question 3

yeah yeah ok – again not a really a question guys

Question 4

ohhhh I know the answer to that one

Question 5

Ehhh? that wasn’t 20 mins, I suspect something dodgy going on, am I being discriminated against because of the answers I gave???? I’ll hit back and find out

Lets start again then shall we.

New Question 1

ohhh that’s ones a new one – maybe game station don’t like the press. I decide to go deep undercover and tick female.

New Question 2 wants to know my age, Q3 wants to know about my children, Q4 asks how often I game

New Question 5

“my relationship” Where’s the I ❤ Video games option?

New Question 6

“Having the best consoles and being really good at games is important to me” – who writes this shit?

New Question 7

They want to know my attitudes on gaming – to the left was strongly disagree to the right was strongly agree

Question 8 has given me a T&C reminder – I should really check those T&C’s they seem pretty keen on reminding me of them…. nahhhh

New Question 9

It’s possible that gamestation aren’t prejudice to the press it could just be to just big lees. Maybe the email address I gave last time wasn’t core enough for them. cos gamestation are like super hard core game shop where gamers go innit man, so I provide a secret undercover email and hit next.

Bollocks they’re on to me and I’ve been booted out again <back <back <back I give questions 6 and 7 a few more bashes. I go straight down the middle of the road, make my self look like a casual gamer with “friends” and go all out hardcore – all 3 to same response. The progress bar on the top right of the page says I’m not very far in but I don’t know the right answers to progress to the next stage. Truth is I don’t know what gamestation wanted from me, but from the bullshit questions they have asked I do know they only want answers about trade-ins from a group of people that have been whittled down to such a select few that they are all bound to give mostly the same answer on trade-ins. So despite the happy “yeah we are gamers innit” kind of image they want to give, they don’t give a fuck what you the gamer thinks about trade-ins.

So gamestation if you want know what I really think about trade-ins and your company I’ll tell you.

Your trade in prices are stupid. £39.99 for the pre-owned version of Crysis 2 which the very nice boys and girls at Crytek who poured years of their life making get piss all. I know what your going to say “If we didn’t provide the trade in facility then gamers couldn’t afford to buy new games” Quit with the B.S. Just paint your shops purple and just be done with it.

I don’t know if you can tell but I’m done with you now gamestation our relationship is firmly over! I know we’ve had blips in the past and I’ve came back every time but that’s it we are done this time. You’re now on the list of places I won’t go any more right under Milton Keynes.

May digital distribution destroy you.

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2 thoughts on “Gamestations Sinister Survey

  1. David says:

    But surely if they charge higher prices for pre-scratched, sorry, pre-owned games, surely most will opt to buy brand new? I certainly wouldn’t pay £39.99 for a used game.

  2. […] on June 23, 2011 by justbiglee This one originally came about as a spawn from that “gamestations sinister survey” post I did on here. I was asked if I was planning on sending it in to gaminglives but truth […]

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