GamingLives: Diggin’ Up The DiRT

It’s 1933. Battersea, London. The world is still in black and white, construction just started on the Golden Gate Bridge, some chap called Adolf is making a fuss in Germany and, more importantly, somebody travelled back in time and built a power station from Command and Conquer Red Alert. Designed by a chap called Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, who also designed the red telephone box, Battersea power station was built to meet the demands of Britain’s ever growing thirst for energy. The power station would burn up to 4,000 tons of coal a week! That’s the same (roughly) as 40 million boxed Xbox 360 games, so it goes without saying that burning that much coal could be a little dangerous to the environment and those damn hippies had the place shut down in the mid seventies.

Nowadays it sits as an empty monument to an age where the English really knew how to burn a fucktonne of coal in a short period of time, just waiting for the hippies to turn it into a shopping centre/cinema/Starbucks/residential living complex for the urban trendsetting man. On the 8th April 2011, however, Battersea returned to its glory days; the area once again roared with the noise of fuel being burnt, pollution filled the London air and somebody took something from a video game and made it exist. You see, Ken Block’s in town and he’s brought his custom made 650 brake horse power Ford Fiesta with him


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