The Time I Went to L.A. By Lee Aged 26 and A Half

On the off chance you hadn’t heard, I went L.A. to the E3 Expo with my buddies Mark, Lorna and Ben from It’s a tale of meth labs, Triads, shootings, mafia, lost bags, not being on the list, being on the list, podcasts, getting in stuck in cars, Stargates and more.

I’ll be sticking up my daily diary’s, videos and other bits over the next few days for your reading pleasure, the diary’s were a bit of a weird one for us to and we wasn’t just about games for a change. Sounds corny but this was our gaming life for that week and what better way to get across the experience of the E3 expo. Some said it would be boring to read and wouldn’t work, most said they enjoyed them and I’d like to say a big thanks to everybody who bothered to read them (not just mine but everyone’s) and I’m glad you enjoyed them.

These are just my take on the various scrapes we got ourselves into, if you fancy a different point of view swing by the E3 Diaries Page over on gaminglives.

So we’d just stepped off the train at Glasgow Central and the four of us stood there on the platform for just a few seconds, just a little bit longer than needed. None of us said anything to each other, I don’t even remember looking at Mark, Lorna or Ben but we shared a moment right there on the platform. I’m not even sure what that moment was about, it could have been the realisation that we were actually going to E3 or it could have been the realisation of the enormous task that lay ahead of us…

“Oh shit my bag” – quick 180 degree turn and I charge for the train without a care for who was in the way; lucky for us we had sat right near the door on the train and there it was on the chair where I left it. I cheese it for the train doors just as they are closing; I was like Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark; granted, an overweight Indiana Jones who didn’t have a hat, and the golden statue was actually my a bag containing my passport, dollars, video camera, digital camera, flight tickets, E3 conference tickets and all of that other important stuff. Now, not to show off or anything, and doing such a thing as leaving a bag with all that in on the very first train we got on was impossibly stupid, but I couldn’t help but think on returning to the others how cool that would have looked on video. Ben had that look on his face that you give a mate which is roughly translated into “you twat”, Mark was in complete disbelief and Lorna probably would have stabbed me in the chest if she had a knife on her.

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