The Time I Went On A Rollercoaster

So we’re stood on Santa Monica Pier when Claas turns to me and Mark and says “hey guys, you wanna go on the roller coaster?” I look up and start to examine the weak points where the support poles meet the track while Mark answers “mmmm I dunno… Ben’s got this thing…” I shout back to Ben who was walking with Lorna “BEN YOU OK TO GO ON THAT?” he pauses… “No, but fuck it”

Right so how far did I get? Ah yes the mobile meth lab… well, shortly after returning from mine and Ben’s adventure to the shop I got back and obviously wrote up what you read yesterday, I think it was yesterday… the time in America is confusing, I’ll ever understand it. Now that Lorna’s bag had returned, it was adventure time again and we headed off to the L.A. Convention Center to pick up our media passes for the show and press conferences. What a bloody farce that turned out to be, picking up the normal Expo passes was easy enough as were the ones for the Xbox conference (V.I.P. baby!) but something went horribly wrong with the EA ones and only Mark’s name was down on the list, despite the fact that we all kept getting emails every five minutes reminding us that EA were having a press conference.

That put a bit of a pisser on the afternoon to say the least and it was just after we’d all finally started to feel good about being here now that Mark and Lorna’s missing bag had arrived. Worst of it was that there wasn’t much we could do about it at this point as it was half eleven back in the UK. We knew we were on that list but the chap from EA was having none of it even after presenting him with a printed copy of the confirmation email and handing him my mobile phone to read through my emails. He wasn’t much help and, while he was patient with us, but I’d have preferred it if he had just told us to piss off but the concept of telling somebody to piss off seemed beyond him, so he just quietly toddled off to the other side of his desk.

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