The Time Ben Had A Wee Next To Kaz Hirai

This was the first day of the actual show, was only half a day though because Nintendo were having their yearly fund raising event. More importantly this was the day me and Ben made scambled eggs with milk, much to Mark and Lornas disgust but they were awesome. oh and we made a video showing how to make E3 Eggs – I’ll stick that up later later I think. The doors opened after much standing about and the expo had started. Below you will find the tale of events that happened that day.

Ok, well we’re reaching the point now where we are covering so much stuff between the four of us that actually trying to find the time to write it up is starting to become a problem. It’s not actually a problem yet but I’m getting worried it might be; today alone I got to see/play previews of Saints Row: The Third, From Dust, Batman Arkham City, Bastion, Bodycount, Need For Speed: The Run, Deux Ex and more. You’ll have to wait for the various previews and interviews though; I’ve not done them yet.  I just don’t have the time to give you full run down on Monday’s press conferences, I do, however, know of two very good writers who have covered them, which can be read here along with all our other antics from the show floor.

Personally I really enjoyed the Microsoft Xbox Conference; looking back through my twitter feed and from the replies the @GamingLives account, a lot of people seemed to be complaining that it was just another Kinect heavy flappy-arms-a-thon, but I didn’t mind it if I’m honest. I’m just glad that Kinect is starting to be used in a non shovelware way and after seeing that Mass Effect 3 demo, I don’t mind saying it but, I’m sold.  I’ll be ordering one on pay day. Yeah that’s right I’m buying a Kinect, oh I better buy some curtains too, oh man then I’ll have to put them up as well… let’s change that to I might be buying a Kinect, I’m now sold on the idea of owning one. EA’s was a good show too, shame that it didn’t have much in the way of new game announcements and everything we seem to have seen was stuff we already knew about.  Not having a date for Star Wars: The Old Republic was just rude. Sony put on a huge show. It was just massive, I’m not sure any photo or video will ever be able to convey that. The Sony Conference was much more of an event than the others on the day; that could of been because they were on last so they had more time to play with, but it really was a spectacle of an event. Oh yeah and Ubisoft’s… I’ve not got a fucking clue what was going on there, those guys are round the hat rack.

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