justbiglee recommends: Run like a cushion

I got paired up with this guy while playing Halo 3 one time, his gamertag was AlmightyOtter and I was going through a phase of only adding people with awesome gamertags. He fitted the bill nicely andsince we’ve become good mates, weird how if he had a crap gamertag like XxAs5insJed10tterxX we probably would have never spoke – you know, because I’m an arsehole like that.

Anyway he’s got one of them tumblr blog thingys… actually are wordpress people supposed to hate on the tumblr people like Xbox and PS3 gamers? hmmmm I might be breaking some rules by doing this… arhhhh sod it – we’re in love, things worked out ok for Romeo & Juliet.

Go have a read of the day to day randomness that is my mate ottahhhhh

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