The Time My Trousers Fell Down

Oh man what a day this was, it was planned as being a day where we have plenty of spare time to wander around the halls looking at stuff. What actually happened was that it some how ended up being our busiest day of the show and full of on the spot “can we have a look at…” kind of appointments. With an English guy from 2K games being the hero of the day and letting us in to their sports bar, I could of stayed in their all day.

Day two of the actual show and, after waiting forty five minutes for the taxi driver to show up… who then decided to drive the arsehole way to the convention centre and keep us locked in the cab while he asked questions about when the expo finished, we finally made it to the show floor. The day wasn’t off to the best start, and it caused Mark and Lorna to be late for their first appointment, so the driver was either mighty brave or mighty stupid to keep a Scotsman locked up when he was running late for an important meeting. Me and Ben had about forty minutes to kill before our first appointment at Nexon to see their MMO, Vindictus, and during that forty minutes we did our usual morning thing of wandering the south hall asking each other every five minutes “So, what do you wanna go see?”. Granted, it’s not the best use of our time, but there was something special about just walking around soaking up the atmosphere.

Now, I’ll be honest, I do the same thing most gamers do when they hear the words “free to play” and the letters “MMO” next to each other – I start looking around for the nearest Xbox,  but Nexon’s  Vindictus really was a well polished game. I’m not an expert in the MMO field; I once spent the better part of a week trying to get out of Ironforge and managed to get everyone in my squad wasted that time I played Star Wars: The Old Republic but I could tell that this was a solid game just from watching Ben and one of the producers play it. Then some asshat from a site whose name sounds like LameSpot came windmilling in and stuck a camera in the poor guy’s face; he hadn’t got a clue what was going on and so our meeting was immediately cut short. We were also supposed to get a look at Dragon Nest but, thanks to the buttmunch from LameSpot, we didn’t get chance. Thankfully, Vindictus was clearly the better of the two, so keep an eye out for our preview and interview coming soon.

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