The Time My Adventure Ended

Sorry I’ve not been back here in a while have I? Been really busy with stuff (more on that when I’m ready). Word is Marks currently working on the video but with hundreds of video files to sift though it’ll take a while. As your waiting though why not have a read of my last day on the E3 Show floor.

Last day of the show and it was hard to believe the amount of stuff we’d seen in just two and a half days; it’s not over yet though, and I was determined to make the most of my last day. My first appointment was with UTV Ignition for a look at El Shaddai, a game which I’d wrongly called, many times,  El Shaddy or, more often than not, settled with El Showaddywaddy. What a beautiful game it is though.  I’ll be honest… it is hard to describe; it’s a bit like Bayonetta in the same way that it’s a great game to play, with fast, responsive combat and gameplay that is genuinely a lot of fun but, as with Bayonetta, most of your time is spent asking yourself “what the fuck is going on here?” I promise to bring you a much more in-depth preview soon.

From there, Ben and I had a meeting with 505 Games for a look at the latest rugby title, but due to some ballsed up scheduling on their part, we couldn’t get in for a look that morning and didn’t have the time later in the day.  Instead, we headed back to our old stomping ground of the South Hall to meet up with Mark, Lorna and an actual celebrity, Mr Graeme Boyd (better known to his friends as AceyBongos). I’d met Acey a few times before at various events and may not have made the best first impression last year at the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit event when I implied he was shorter than he looked on Twitter – thankfully he doesn’t hold a grudge – and what a cool guy he is. We must have stood on the corner of the Microsoft booth near the Marcus Fenix statue for the best part of an hour just chatting about the show and games in general.  He really loves what he does for a living (let’s be honest, who wouldn’t) and his passion for gaming shines through; I’m not just talking about Xbox games either, he is a proper gamer. It was a pleasure to finally meet him properly and say a big thank you for everything he has helped us out with over the last year.

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One thought on “The Time My Adventure Ended

  1. MarkuzR says:

    I liked L.A. I liked E3 too.

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