Star Trek (The Game) Preview

It’s a no win scenario. The Enterprise sits wounded in the middle of a minefield, held in place by some mysterious energy strings, helpless. She’s locked her systems down to protect herself, something has infected her and she needs her captain. It doesn’t look like he can help her though; he too is also trapped on board a shuttle just on the fringe of the minefield. It’s too risky to try and pilot the shuttle in, her captain and first officer have no other logical choice. Suit up, grab a life support propulsion unit each and jump out the back door of the shuttle craft into the minefield. Lucky for her, Kirk doesn’t believe in no win scenarios.

Lee Cummings, head of creative for Paramount Digital Entertainment, explains to us that Star Trek has been in development for just over a year and a half with at least another year of production to go whereas most licensed games get around a year, if they are lucky. It’s refreshing that Paramount have given the game’s developers,  Digital Extremes, a good length of time to do what is right by Star Trek. He continues to explain that they are trying to make the game as authentic as possible; they are working day to day with the guys from JJ Abrams’ production company Bad Robot and Damon Lindelof who produced the last Star Trek movie. The game is very much part of that new movie universe in every detail, right down to the Enterprise herself being constructed from the Industrial Light and Magic model used in the latest films. However the first goal of the developer wasn’t to create an authentic Trek experience. Back in the pre production stages, and during those early talks with Bad Robot, it was explained to the game’s developers that, when creating the Star Trek movie, their goal was to create an amazing sci-fi movie before it was a Trek movie. Digital Extremes have taken that same core idea and applied it to the new game by setting out to create an amazing co-op game with very tight gameplay, and a co-op experience like no other previous game, before being a Trek game.

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