El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron Preview

Meet Enoch, a man who is described as just human. Enoch is tasked with defeating and imprisoning seven fallen angels; these angels used to watch over mankind and protect them but, over time, ended up falling in love with mankind. Choosing to rebel against God, the angels left heaven to live among mankind and constructed the tower of Babel where they now reside. God, who wasn’t best pleased at their defiance, offers Enoch one chance to save humanity, but should he fail to imprison and purify the seven fallen angels it’s old testament time: great floods, fire and brimstone, cats and dogs living together and the destruction of mankind as we know it before starting all over again. Graphically, El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron is one of those special games that really push the boundaries of what gamers commonly think of as graphics and is more akin to art. El Shaddai’s look is always changing as you play, with both the backgrounds and foregrounds constantly evolving, changing the mood and the feel of the level. It’s difficult to put into words and even though the screenshots look like beautifully painted concept art, the game really does look like that, however, even those still pictures don’t do El Shaddai’s art style justice and it really needs to be witnessed through gameplay to fully appreciate it.

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