From Dust Preview

Imagine having the power to shape the land, to move mountains and part the sea. It would be pretty cool wouldn’t it? Well, Ubisoft’s From Dustoffers you just that, but as we know all too well, with great power comes great responsibility, and it’s your responsibility to care for a group of villagers as they fight for their own survival.  Our story starts with a totem in the centre of an island and a small tribe of mask wearing villagers near the south shore.  The first task is easy enough and you need to guide the villagers to the totem at the island’s centre, which is easily achieved by simply clicking on it.

The villagers make their way to the totem and start to construct a small village made up of huts built from nearby trees. It’s shortly after this founding of the village that the shaman forsees a huge wave that will wipe out the small settlement on the tiny island. Somebody from the village steps up and embarks on a quest to obtain the power of water from a glowing blue stone up in the mountains to the north; I don’t know if he has name but I shall refer to him as ‘Hero’.

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