The Darkness II Preview

In The Darkness II you play as Jackie Estacado, a member of a New York crime family, who is partly possessed by a being known as “the Darkness”. I did start to type up a nice little intro for you all, running through the events of the first game, but to really get across why Jackie is the way he is, and understand the events which have led him to where he finds himself in The Darkness II, I’d have to riddle it with some pretty big spoilers. So, I’ll just say that if you haven’t played the first game and fancy taking on a really good, gritty and dark comic book story, go and pick up a copy.

Set two years after the events of the first game, Jackie is now the don of the Estacado family and immediately (well, if you played the first game) you’ll notice that the art style has taken a subtle change of direction.  It has gone an almost cell shaded style, with all of the textures now being hand painted and leaning more towards a dark, graphic novel style – something which the game’s developers, Digital Extremes, are calling “graphic noire” – and it fits with everything that fans of both the first game and the comic will know well. The section of The Darkness II that we were shown takes place at an abandoned, creepy fairground where Jackie is trying to track down a man called Victor Valente, the leader of an organisation known as the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood are an ancient organisation who know all about the Darkness which possess Jackie; originally formed by a saint, hundreds of years ago, their goal was to rid the world of the Darkness.  After a long period of time, however, the Brotherhood – like all things the Darkness touches – has become corrupt and now wants to control it for their own gain.


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