Batman Vs eBay

As some of you may know I had to list a load of my stuff on eBay recently so I could afford to pay to go to gamescom. I’ve had to list all sorts from comic books to a signed Castle Crasher figure. Surprise star of my listings happened to be this set of Batarangs that if I’m honest don’t think are worth the £82 they were going for…

until eBay closed the listing but an hour from its end and sent me the following reason.

Dear justbiglee,

We appreciate that you chose eBay to list your listing(s). However, we have removed your (s) because it breaches our Weapons and Knives policy.


290593118598 – Two Batman Begins Prop Replica Batarang and Case

Why did we remove your listing?
You have listed a Batarang. For safety concerns and in order to follow laws and regulations, we restrict the kinds of weapons and accessories that can be sold on Please note that eBay does not permit the sale of throwing stars, or any similar item. Please don’t relist this item. As we have noticed this is the first time you breached our policy, please take some time to read our help page below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email.

The email continued and led to to a section on the site where I could either call eBay to discuss my annoyance or enter a webchat… Webchat it is bitches…

Matty Adamson (8/6/2011 03:06:38 PM)
Welcome to eBay Live Help, my name is Matty. How may I be of assistance?

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:07:38 PM)
hi matty, I’ve just had a listing cancelled because your not allowed to sell knifes on eBay but the listing isn’t for knifes so I don’t understand.

Matty Adamson (8/6/2011 03:08:35 PM)
While I am retrieving your account information, is there anything else you would like me to look into for you?

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:09:12 PM)
no just this please – do you need the item number from me or anything?

Matty Adamson (8/6/2011 03:09:24 PM)
Yes, that’s fine.

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:09:55 PM)
errr ok..? the item number is 290593118598

Matty Adamson (8/6/2011 03:10:52 PM)
Thanks for the item number. In order to resolve your issue, I will connect you with our UK Trust and Safety Team now. Would that be fine?

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:11:07 PM)
yeah thats fine

Matty Adamson (8/6/2011 03:11:17 PM)
Thanks for confirming. I will transfer you now.

System message (8/6/2011 03:11:27 PM)
The chat has been transferred.

System message (8/6/2011 03:11:40 PM)
The transferred chat has been accepted. The transcript has been reproduced above.

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:11:49 PM)
Welcome to Community Watch Live Chat . My name is Roxane. Please give me a moment to review your previous discussion or if you’d like to, can you let me know what the issue is?

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:12:41 PM)
it was just regarding a listing I have had cancelled because it somehow got classified as a knife

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:13:09 PM)
I’ll be happy to assist with your concern. May I take a couple of moments to review your item?

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:13:20 PM)

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:13:38 PM)
Thank you.

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:13:58 PM)
While I’m reviewing that matter for you, may I know if you have any other concern that you want to add so that I can check on it as well?

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:14:16 PM)
no just this thanks

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:14:56 PM)
Could you please confirm me with the material of the item?

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:15:22 PM)
stainless steel

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:16:26 PM)
Thank you for confirming that with me. We only allow plastic, rubber or foam replica weapons.

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:16:55 PM)
its not a replica weapon

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:18:20 PM)
I understand that your it is not a replica weapon however eBay don’t allow such items which are made from steel. The item was removed as it is sharp and it can be misused by someone.

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:18:51 PM)
so could a candle stick

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:18:58 PM)
or a bit of rope

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:19:18 PM)
it’s true they made a board game about it.

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:19:29 PM)
Could you please confirm me with the item numbers?

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:20:33 PM)
we’ll there is this one

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:20:52 PM)
and this one is about about killing children :O

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:21:24 PM)
shame on you ebay 😦

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:21:27 PM)
look at this one, guns… knifes.. candlesticks all manor of replica weapons this needs to be stopped

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:21:27 PM)
Thank you for the information. I’ll forward the details you reported to the relevant team to take appropriate action. All such similar listings are in breach of eBay policies. It is due to sheer volume on the site it becomes difficult to be aware of all the items which are in breach.

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:21:40 PM)
ignorance isn’t an excuse ebay lady

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:22:29 PM)
anyway there are a stack of other batarangs for sale – why haven’t they been stopped?

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:22:53 PM)
If you see a same listing on eBay that doesn’t mean we allow them, it is only because we are unaware of them. It is due to sheer volume on the site it becomes difficult to be aware of all the items which are in breach.

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:24:46 PM)
so you won’t allow the item to be sold and I’ve just dobbed all them guys in it?

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:25:31 PM)
Yes, we will take appropriate action on them.

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:25:37 PM)

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:25:42 PM)
I can assure you that my colleague’s are working round the clock to ensure that as many of such listings that breach eBay policies are no longer active on the site.

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:27:08 PM)
look I’ll be honest these were selling for quite alot of money – more than i expected, I think it may of actually been Bruce Wayne buying them & i needed that cash.

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:27:45 PM)
I sincerely apologise for the problems you caused due to the listing removed.

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:28:36 PM)
if just one life is lost in Gotham because batman was running low on batarangs that’s on you ebay lady and i’ll make sure it comes to light in the press.

Roxane C. (8/6/2011 03:28:59 PM)
Thank you for contacting eBay. Have a nice weekend.

justbiglee (8/6/2011 03:30:02 PM)
will the dynamic duo survive this listing situation?
will we learn the true identity of the evil ebay lady?
tune in next week, same bat time…… same chat channel

System message (8/6/2011 03:31:07 PM)
The chat session is being wrapped up.

System message (8/6/2011 03:31:11 PM)
All times in the above transcript are in the following time zone: (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

System message (8/6/2011 03:31:11 PM)
The chat session has ended.

So there you have it bat fans, I didn’t get them relisted but am feeling surprisingly better about the whole thing after annoying the ebay lady. I’ve still got the batarangs if anybody wants them make me and offer but they aint worth £82 of your hard earned pennies.

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3 thoughts on “Batman Vs eBay

  1. What about all them replica swords on Ebay, tools like hammers. I’m sure I can find ways of disemboweling someone with a spoon.

  2. MarkuzR says:

    This is comic genius.

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