Bodycount Interview

One of the great things about E3 is that you’re never too far from a developer or somebody from a game studio, and while I was wandering around after seeing Saints Row in the south hall, I happened across a few consoles running Codemasters’ upcoming O.T.T.F.P.S. (over the top first person shooter – that’s what I’m calling them, deal with it). It was just sat in the midpoint of a level where the previous gamer had wandered off and I picked up the pad. I was stuck in a shed with one of them big buggers outside lumping around a mini gun looking for someone to shoot. It goes without saying I died a lot; I tried everything I could to take him down but I kept getting killed.

As the time passes I started to become more aware that I was having trouble with what I’m guessing should be an easy part of the game. “You struggling mate?” said an Englishman stood behind me, “yeah just a bit; show me how it’s done” and I passed him the pad. He introduced himself as John Gittens, the games brand manager, as he took the pad off me and continued to show me how to get killed by the big bugger with the mini gun multiple times before finally hitting restart level while I broke out my best Lois Lane on-the-spot interviewing skills.

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