Bastion Review

“Proper stories are supposed to start at the beginning; ain’t so simple with this one”. The first words you’ll hear from the stranger as Bastion fades in from black, so with those words in mind, I want you all to skip to the end of my review; go on… if you weren’t already considering it, let’s not pretend you haven’t done it before. Here’s the deal though – I’m going to give you this free pass to skip to the end on the conditions that you (A) do as I ask (B) return back here if my final words aren’t enough for you and you want to know more. Ahhh welcome back, I shall continue with my story. A story which started back in March in a sleepy little fishing village on the East coast of America called Boston, where myself, Mark and Lorna were in town for a gathering of gamers known as PAX East, and were invited to speak to a guy called Greg about a game he and his indie studio, Supergiant Games, had created.

The game was a preview build of Bastion, and I boldly proclaimed this as my game of the show, I even went as far as to call it my game of 2011 so early on into the year. I was in love with Bastion right from that very first moment; all those tiny hints of the things to come, and where the story might go, have all had me thinking about this game almost every day since I first played it. Later this year when we met back up with Greg and the team at E3, he told me that he still gets nervous about the game every time somebody picks up a pad and that he likely always will. I’ll be honest; I’m nervous too. “Kid sets off for the Bastion” says the narrator’s gravelly voice; as soon as I hear those words I’m no longer nervous. It all came flooding back to me, and I really hope that it’s at this very same moment that it clicks for everybody else who plays the game.

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