The Time We Went To Germany And Samuel Got Robbed

It’s these two thirty in the morning starts that sometimes make me wish I was a casual gamer. At least that was how I felt this morning when some dubstep bollocks was blasting out of my alarm clock. Well, I think it was du step; I’m not entirely sure what dubstep is if I’m honest. Loads of boring driving and a short flight, blah blah blah skip to the end and I’m now sat in our hotel room in Cologne. I’m feeling differently about it now; I’m glad to be a ‘core gamer, I’m looking forward to all the things we’ll be seeing in the next few days and whatever trouble Ben and I can get ourselves into this time around in our great Gamescom adventure.

I’ve felt like we were forgetting something all the way over here, but it only just dawned on me what it was or, should I say, “who”. Sadly, Lorna’s not joining us on our adventures this time, so this whole thing could go tits up pretty quick without her keeping us all in check. In her place is the Cornish wonder known as Samuel; this whole expo thing is a bit new to him, and Ben and I have been winding him up by telling him he needs a tie for the Sony press conference and stuff like that. We laugh about it when he’s not looking, but we were that green once. He’s currently fannying about with his new camera while dressed like he’s going clay pigeon shooting; bless him, I’m sure he’ll do fine. Ben and I have decided we are playing Top Gear rules this trip anyway, which means if anybody falls behind they get left behind; that and we might try set fire to a caravan if possible.

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