Starhawk Preview

The spiritual successor to one of the PSN’s first big hits, Warhawk, is almost with us. It’s not a direct sequel and isn’t set in the same universe, it only shares part of its name, but Starhawk does retain those same core gameplay values which made Warhawk such a great game to play. That’s not enough though; Starhawk builds on those with a number of improvements, firstly with its brand new universe known as the “new frontier” and yeah, you guessed it has that sci-fi western feel to it. Out in the corners of the galaxy, humans have set up various small colonies and the people who live in them are, for the most part, miners.

Rift energy is the new power source of choice but, of course, just like global warming there is a down side, and excessive exposure to rift energy will build up inside a person’s body and cause them to mutate by literally pushing their skeleton out through to the surface of their skin. Obviously nobody wants to kick around with the creepy mutant kid and the infected are quickly banished from your little space town to live life as outcasts. This obviously happens to your brother at the start of the game, and after being outcast he rises to power as the big bad and must be stopped, whatever the cost.

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