Forza 4 is better with Kinect

In less than the same amount of time it has taken Sony to knock out just one Gran Turisimo title, Microsoft and Turn Ten Studios have managed to turn out three Forza Motorsports. These aren’t just cheap bolt-on sequels either, they were full almost ground up style games. I know it sounds like I might be trying to start a fanboy war – honestly, I’m not – I’m just trying to get across the feat of development that the guys at Turn Ten studios have pulled off. Historically, the Forza franchise has very much been a core racer for core gamers, but with the last instalment some new features were added that made the game much more accessible, but without compromising on the building blocks of its predecessors.

Now though, it’s been taken one step further and Microsoft have made it better, better with Kinect. Yeah, I know, I refused to believe it at first too.  The racing game geek in me jumped at the chance to be one of the first to hop on Microsoft’s hydraulic platform with an industrial strength racing wheel and three large monitors marking where the windscreen and side windows would be. As I turned around a banked corner, the steering wheel would tighten and the hydraulic platform would lift up on one side to simulate the car banking. I won’t lie, it was pretty awesome and even though I had set one of the top five times of the day, I wasn’t particularly good at it.  It was the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to actually driving, the only difference being I wasn’t thinking “ohhh shit these tyres are expensive” as I booted around the corner at the best part of one hundred miles an hour.

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