Everything That Is Wrong With My Internet

I got annoyed with the internet and everything that is wrong with it last night and I’m in a place where I can’t really do anything this morning so I figured I’d share the list with you.

  • Stupid duck face omg girl gamer profile pics where the camera is above your head and your looking up at it
  • Facebooks new news feed – I thought it was shit, then I thought it was clever but now I just want my stuff back and I dont need to know everytime body likes somebody elses photo
  • german internet hosting places -because gaminglives was off for a fair chunk of yesterday
  • My blog layout (yes this one – it looks rubbish)
  • People who tweet shit with the sole aim of trying to get retweeted so that people will think they are cool.
  • People who think they are brands – your not a brand your a twat.
  • People who review games that clearly haven’t played the game. Just play the fucking game you tit – your supposed to be a gamer.
  • This stupid intenet banking thing HSBC Have given me to get into my banking which I can’t take out anywhere because if I loose it im boned.
  • RSS feeds – why does anything still need them? They are the stupidest thing in the world.
  • iTunes – why can’t you just track fucking stats?
  • My twitter background – its to messy
  • Amazon.co.uk – two orders in a row gone AWOL, what the fuck guys I want my phone case!
  • Arsehole creepers on twitter – you know who you are
  • Passive agressive status updates on Facebook -yeah that’s right this thing on my list is about you.
  • People that you can’t unfollow or unfriend because it will cause to much ballache.
  • People that have a picture of a dog on their profile for anything. Its always the same stupid puffy faced mop head dog as well. Get a proper dog!
  • People who do nothing but enter competitions for anything on twitter. I might make a new rule – if your not a gamer you can’t win anything.
  • Raptr updates – fuck sake guys turn um off.
  • New phone firmware – I want new phone firmware! The internet should of kept quiet until the week before it was ready.
  • The windows phone WordPress app and its all-round general shitness.
  • The WordPress websites admin area when used on a mobile – I wanna add bulletpoints god dammit!
  • Spam emails from friends and family that say things like “forward this to 10 friends and a fairy will give you money and blowjobs but if you forward it to less than ten you’ll catch cancer – fuck off sending me this shit!
  • Gamers who wernt around when the mega drive was – you guys dont know what it was like stop pretending you know about games.
  • The gadget show – its shit stop getting an internet semi everyweek when its on.
  • Tweeting your horrorscope – wtf
  • Free WiFi in public places – why is it always so crap?
  • People who by tablets that ain’t ipads then pretend they are the best thing in the world  – im not being a fanboy but lets be honest you are kidding nobody.
  • N4G and all its hoop jumping and bullshit for no reward other than a fanboy fight in the comments
  • People who comment on stuff that they havent read.
  • Ubisofts press website – where the hell is everything?
  • Copy paste Facebook updates (even the ironic ones)
  • Flickr and its stupid upload limit a month
  • YouTube not giving us a partner channel.
  • Apple and their crappy podcast support pages.
  • Tumblr blogs that just repost endless shit and giffs that they seen reposted on somebody elses tumblr. If you want a blog be creative with it stop posting up twilight crap
  • People who post /sqeeeeeeeeeeee
  • This smily :/ He is the arsehole of smilys
  • Ppl who stil rite lik dis K m8?
  • That stupid picture of the potato man from reddit that people use that always has fuuuuuuuu on it.
  • Adverts on sites that show up before you can look at the site
  • Netflix and the lack of it or anything close to it in the UK.
  • People getting a hard on over onlive – where were you all months ago when I was telling you to use it?
  • Blog posts like this that is a list of somebody ranting about crap that nobody cares about and were created just because the guy who wrote it was bored and had a bee in his bonnet.
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4 thoughts on “Everything That Is Wrong With My Internet

  1. MarkuzR says:

    If you’d numbered them, I’d have commented properly. I agree with most though, to be honest! Especially hate people who creep on Twitter trying to suck up to everyone that could get them a leg-up – makes me sick, although I have no problem blocking and removing people.

  2. Adam says:

    This was an informative and superior blog post.

    I read none of it

  3. Bear says:


    I was going to squee too but just couldn’t bring myself to stoop so low!

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