The Resistance 3 Interview with Jon Pacquette I Did.

-For some dumb ass reason at every press presentation I’ve ever been to they guy from the studio will ask “has anybody got any questions?” and nobody ever does! What the fuck – fucking pretend “journalists” granted I wouldn’t go as far as to call my self a journalist but if some guy has just asked me if I want to know more the answer is “yeah I do” and if all else fails rather than sit there in awkwardness I’ll just chat shit about games. So here is the time such an instance occurred after being shown Resistance 3.

Back when GamingLives was in Germany for Gamescom, I managed to get one last look at ‘Resistance 3′ before its launch. One of the very strange things about being in those preview rooms at Gamescom is that when a presentation ended, one of the developers would always ask… “so does anybody have any questions”, and for practically every presentation nobody said a word. I, on the other hand, wasn’t going to let the opportunity to talk to one of the industry’s biggest developers pass  me by so I took Jon Pacquette, Writer at Insomniac Games on ‘Resistance 3′, to one side for a chat about 3D gaming, big bosses, co-op and comic books.

When creating a game for 3D, do you need to take anything extra into account in the development process or is it fairly easy with the PlayStation 3 where it’s just a case of flicking a button and *BANG* all of a sudden the game’s 3D?

[laughs] Well it’s a little harder than that. If you have split screen in a game it helps because it has a lot of the same principles with regards to running two buffers, and Al Hastings, who is our chief architect, is a wizard with how he got the 3D up and running. The trick is finding the subtlety in how you actually implement the 3D and the depth to the 3D; one of the biggest things that we figured out during development is that a lot of games put the HUD up at the very front in the closest layer to the player which has the player constantly looking up to the front and then looking back into the game  and we felt that a lot of those games caused some eye strain. So from there we started looking at the best 3D implementations out there on the market with regards to the user interface and we even got looking at ESPN 3D who actually put all of their UI in the centre layer so that whenever you are looking at stuff its always right there; it’s easy to glance down to the score and things like that so we decided to move our HUD into that middle layer and it improved things immensely. We had spent a lot of time trying to get the 3D right as well as get that feeling of depth right, so that it doesn’t cause a lot of eye strain with our 3D implementation.

Do you have to make any trade offs by having the 3D? Is there anything you have to lose?

Well you are basically running two lower resolution “eyes” essentially, so you might see a little bit more aliasing and things like that but on the flip side, because you have the two frames and your eyes are putting them together, it kind of eliminates a lot of that. I think those trade off are worth it if you like 3D but that’s just part of doing 3D in general and we’re really, really happy with how the 3D turned out. I think there are some people who were sceptics when we started doing it at Insomniac but, in the end, most of the people have become true believers.

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